Welcome to Tobago

the pearl under the Caribbean islands. My name is Harris Mc Donald and I am a tobagonian TTTIC certified tour guide. Join me on a sightseeing tour on my clear, serene and peaceful mother-country Tobago.

In Tobago you are never far from the coast...

here we have a view of the scenic north eastern coast. Compared to the Caribbean Sea the Atlantic Ocean has powerfull waves and strong undercurrent. After a short drive we reach the picturesque fishing village of Speyside. Speyside is situated in the north east and is a popular base for divers and snorkellers. Don´t miss snorkeling at Angel Reef and get a glimpse of the largest brain-coral in the western hemisphere.

Basically Charlotteville

It is the Largest fishing village in Tobago and Man Of War Bay harbour is the deepest in the Caribbean. This is where Harris was born, surrounded by deep harbour water and natural forest. You would love it there and could join him on a rainforest walk !

The Argyle Waterfalls

can be enjoyed in the wet and dry seasons. Tobago's highest waterfalls are located near Roxborough. The falls can be reached by a quarter of an hour walk. The route takes one past the luxuriant tropical vegetation and a series of stepped cascades. The deep pools for swimming are situated in cool, beautiful surroundings.

Caribbean Coast

Enjoy a view of the beautiful Village Of Castara where one can experience bonfire, saine pulling, dirt oven baking and much more. This view can be enjoyed at Mt Dillon Hill where you can experience a magnificent sunset.